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Mission Statement

  • To provide a positive, active and progressive service for children as an integral part of the community.

  • To promote an environment that welcomes, respects and caters for all families. To acknowledge the diversity of all cultural backgrounds within the service.

  • To encourage a sense of security for the children in our care by providing consistent, warm, caring, experienced and qualified educators.

  • To support children learning through play, understanding respect and responsibilities and the importance of relationships and partnerships.

  • To promote children’s strong sense of identity, connection and contribution to their world as well as a strong sense of well-being so that they can become confident and involved learners and efficient communicators.

  • To support all children to successfully transition to school.

  • To promote an environment that welcomes and caters for all children.

  • To create continuity of learning through consistent reflection of children’s learning, educators’ practices and community expectations.

  • To help children become socially responsible and show respect for their environment.

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