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Our Curriculum

Gosford Cubbyhouse's curriculum is aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework. We promote holistic learning and are passionate about the benefits of learning through play.

Our curriculum is supported by our Centre’s philosophy This ensures our vision and practices are embedded into our daily program.

At Gosford Cubbyhouse we value diversity, believing in the importance of family and their way of life. To promote our strong partnerships with families and a strong sense of belonging within our community we invite all families to share their culture and skills within our program.

We believe play is an incredibly important part of a child’s learning process. challenging play based learning environments provoke children to explore, problem solve, and engage. Both indoor and outdoor spaces within our environments are flexible, relaxed and responsive to each child’s interest. We believe in empowering children to make choices and be confident to try and explore new experiences and take risks.

We believe children are co-learners with our educators. Our day-to-day practices involve opportunities for the children to be the teacher, lead and share their ideas. This supports each child’s own Zone of Proximal Development, supporting and scaffolding opportunities for the child to share their experience and knowledge.

We believe in the importance of our community, we pride ourselves in being an integral part of the local community and have developed strong connections that will foster the ongoing development of life long responsible citizens. To support the children’s confidence and knowledge of our local community we regularly venture out beyond the gates.

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