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Kangaroos - 3 years to 6 years

In the Kangaroo room we are passionate about following the Early Years Learning Framework (ELYF). This framework promotes holistic learning and the benefits of learning through play.


We follow each child’s interest through our everyday program. Our curriculum is also based around our centre's philosophy.



As the Kangaroo Room is our 3-6 year old room, we promote self help skills and the skills required to take care of our own belongings and self as we move onto the next stage of life, which is starting school. To ensure children are ready for school, we assist them to develop social skills and a passion for learning. The children are encouraged to problem solve and follow their own interests with curiosity and enthusiasm.



We are very lucky to be surrounded by bushland with the beautiful Rumbalara Reserve adjacent to our Centre. This allows us the opportunity to take the children on scenic bush walks whilst learning more about our environment and how to take care of our nature. We promote sustainability through engaging with our worm farm, selling worm wee to our wider community for their gardens and by recycling and using reused objects for our craft projects.



We also engage in our wider community through visiting the Integrated living  day unit next door. The children engage with the older residents, sing for them and play games with them. We also have many opportunities to visit the wider community through excursions to the post office, library and local shops  as we are located close to Gosford CBD. We utilise our educator’s and families knowledge, interests and passions through our curriculum  and value our strong partnerships with our families and local community.

Our Transition to School Program aligns with the EYLF. It is important that children gain their learning and understandings through interest based play and experiences.

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