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Delphis Dementia Unit is located adjacent to Gosford Cubbyhouse. Our Kangaroos regularly visit the residents to play games, sing songs and spend quality time together.

Coast Shelter is located in the Gosford CBD and has been in operations on the Central Coast for more than 23 years. Coast Shelter provides crisis accomodation and meals to homeless and the disadvantaged of our community. Gosford Cubbyhouse runs regular donation to assist the Coast Shelter to meet the needs of the community.

Our Community Partners

Gosford Cubbyhouse works closely with Central Coast Council to ensure our Centre is kept to the highest standards.

ET Australia provides quality training and resources in our community. Gosford Cubbyhouse nurtures ET Australia students during the training stage of their Early Childhood Certification.

Gosford Cubbyhouse is a long standing member of the Central Coast Multicultural Resource Centre. The Resource Centre has an extensive range of multicultural resources that are available to our Centre to utilise in our curriculum.

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